As a Florida auto dealership, the goal is to meet potential customers where they spend their time. With an increasing number of consumers scrolling through social media feeds, these platforms have become the modern marketplace for the automotive industry.

The Floridian Spirit: Creating Community-Centric Content

Floridians carry a strong sense of belonging to their sun-kissed landscapes and vibrant cities. Tapping into this local pride could be a game-changer if you run an auto dealership in the Sunshine State. Here, we share ten potential blog and social media content ideas that echo the local spirit, add value to your audience, and subtly align your brand with their interests:

  1. Local Philanthropy: Is your dealership involved in local charities or community events? Highlight your contributions and share stories from these events.
  2. Local Business Spotlight: Collaborate with local businesses that align with your values. An interview with their founders or a behind-the-scenes tour can be fascinating content.
  3. Landmark Love: Create content around local landmarks or road trip destinations, providing insights for a perfect weekend drive.
  4. Weather-Specific Car Care: From tips to maintain a car in the humid Florida climate to safety precautions during hurricane season, such posts can provide immense value to your local audience.
  5. Local Car Culture: Connect with local car enthusiasts or collectors. An interview or a feature about their love for cars can make great content.
  6. Automotive History: Posts about the history of automobiles in Florida or the evolution of your dealership can interest car enthusiasts.
  7. Local Sports: Create content around local high school, college or professional sports.
  8. Seasonal Care: Seasonal tips for car maintenance, tailored for Florida’s unique weather patterns, can be helpful and appreciated by local owners.
  9. Staff Stories: Share personal stories of your employees or customers and their relationship with their vehicles.
  10. Event-Based Content: Create content around local events, such as car shows, festivals, or sports events.

Connecting with your community reinforces your local presence and builds trust and rapport with potential customers.

The Art of Storytelling: Redefining Auto Sales

Social media provides an incredible platform to share your dealership’s unique story. Remember, the goal isn’t merely to sell a car but to paint a picture of the lifestyle that comes with it. Showcase the passion and dedication behind the scenes, humanize your brand, and connect with your audience personally.

Showcase your service team working diligently on a vehicle or a customer beaming beside their new purchase. Such glimpses can highlight the people behind your brand, creating a more relatable image. Moreover, sharing testimonials or customer stories can reinforce trust in your dealership.

Which Platforms Auto Dealers Should Be Active On

Storytelling is a powerful tool in waiting, and platform selection is crucial to reaching the right audience. For auto dealers, there are three primary platforms to consider:


Instagram is a top pick due to its visually-oriented nature and popular “Stories” feature. Here, dealerships can share day-to-day happenings, customer testimonials, or ‘behind-the-scenes’ clips, fostering a sense of connection and authenticity. Instagram has diligently added features to make storytelling easier for brands.


Facebook remains an excellent platform for longer narratives due to its broad user base and versatile post options. It is particularly suitable for sharing detailed customer stories or in-depth articles about the dealership’s history and mission. One benefit to Facebook is that it is the most accessible platform for users to share their content with their audience. If you post engaging content, you’ll not only reach your audience, but you will reach the connections of your follower’s audience too!


Finally, YouTube is a must for video storytelling. Dealers can publish feature reviews, how-to guides, or heartwarming delivery moments. Its SEO benefits make it an important part of any dealership’s social media strategy and will help your dealership to enhance growth and visibility. While YouTube is traditionally known for long-form video content, they have been adding options for shorter videos so that any shorter reels you create on other platforms could be repurposed for YouTube.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you might consider utilizing Rumble, Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok. But, do not spread your marketing resources too thin. Select only the social platforms you can maintain an active presence on.

Choosing the right platform for storytelling depends on the specific content and target audience, but these three platforms offer a comprehensive starting point.

Video and Visuals: The Social Media Game Changer

Video content is no longer optional; it’s essential. Studies reveal that video is the most engaging and popular type of content among consumers. The possibilities for content are endless.

A virtual showroom tour, a 360-degree interior view of a new model, DIY car maintenance tips, or a sneak peek into a day at your dealership can create engaging content for your audience. Also, video testimonials or customer stories can create a more authentic and relatable image for your brand.

Repurpose Your Videos

Repurposing video content for multiple social media channels is a savvy way to maximize your reach and efficiently use resources. Each social platform has its unique audience and content style. Customizing your video content to match these preferences can significantly increase engagement.

Begin by identifying critical segments from your longer videos that can stand alone with a clear message. These snippets can be shared as bite-sized content on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Turn a webinar or a detailed product review into a series of short informational videos or GIFs for easy consumption.

Additionally, ensure each video is optimized for the platform. This might involve tweaking the format for vertical viewing on Instagram or adding subtitles for LinkedIn users who watch videos without sound. With strategic repurposing, you can make your content work harder and reach further.

Celebrity Influence: A Unique Florida Advantage

Florida’s unique demographic includes an eclectic mix of personalities and local celebrities who could serve as brand advocates. Collaborations with these local stars can help you reach a broader audience.

The key is to find a personality that aligns with your brand’s values. For instance, a local sports star could test-drive your latest sports car model, or a beloved local chef could use your pick-up for a mobile beach cookout. Such partnerships create engaging, shareable content, giving your dealership increased visibility.

How To Incorporate Influencers Into Your Auto Dealership Marketing

Once you’ve identified potential collaborators, approach them with a well-crafted proposal. Explain how a partnership can benefit both parties – perhaps through cross-promotion or the mutual goal of supporting local businesses.

Content featuring local celebrities can take various forms. They might participate in a video interview, provide a testimonial, or engage in a co-branded event. Providing value to your audience through this collaboration, like exclusive insights, special promotions, or entertaining content, is essential.

Social media might seem like an overwhelming sea of opportunities, but a targeted, community-centered approach can become your dealership’s strongest ally. Start experimenting today by tapping into the unique marketing opportunities that selling cars in Florida brings, and ride the digital media train toward increased revenue for your auto dealership!


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