New FLADCO Branding and Offerings Deliver Florida Auto Dealers Additional Profits and Expanded Solutions

Florida’s largest provider of automotive solutions, supplies, cost reduction and revenue generation products—announces it has transformed its 30-year-old brand, website and product offerings to better serve its Florida dealership customers. The company has updated its branding and messaging and added several new products and solutions that significantly impact auto dealers’ revenue, cost reduction and overall profit.

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A Word from FLADCO CEO Mark Mackson

Over the years, we’ve discovered many of our existing and prospective auto dealer customers didn’t fully understand what we do for them or the breadth of offerings that significantly impact their dealership profits,


We started 30 years ago with the idea of bringing together thousands of Florida auto dealers to maximize their buying power and improve their profit, but there was no internet or online branding back then.


We thought it was time to bring our brand, offerings and online presence current with well-defined messaging, products and online functionality. Today, I can say we have achieved just that.

For over 30 years FLADCO has provided nearly 1,000 Florida automobile dealers with solutions to increase profit. Its product, service and supply solutions are designed to impact dealerships through innovations in revenue generation, lowering expenses and increasing efficiency. By combining these three elements, FLADCO has become an important and reliable partner for dealership customers. FLADCO is taking 30 years of industry knowledge and providing high dollar impact with no disruption to auto dealers’ operations.

The new branding reflects the company’s mission of being at the forefront of innovative solutions for its dealership customers. The logo now depicts a progressive image indicative of what is delivered every day. In the same way, the company’s transformed website and internet presence are easily accessible for solutions that Florida dealerships need, while consistently providing insightful articles and content, keeping Florida dealers current on what is happening within the industry and the state.

A Word from FLADCO Vice President Ian Gamberg

Our existing customer base consists of a few key decision makers who typically utilize only one to three of our cost reduction, revenue generation or supply-related programs. With the re-launch of FLADCO, our goal is to bring more awareness within the dealership and provide relevant content that is both educational and practical.


We’ve had many success stories throughout FLADCO’s history. A dealer group was able to save over $500k by switching to our ExpressGAP program. One dealer principal recently said it best regarding our Credit Card processing program: ‘Ian, I would have to sell over 8 million dollars’ worth of cars to make the money you can save me with one program.’

FLADCO is now introducing new revenue generation, cost reduction and supply solutions that propel car business customers even further. These new solutions can deliver $100,000 in new profits to the average dealership in the form of additional revenue, savings and efficiency improvement. The new programs are available today on the company’s new website with detailed information available from account executives.


FLADCO saves automotive dealers time and money through the collective buying power of nearly 1,000 auto dealers in the State of Florida. It delivers products and services that meet dealerships’ needs through a single point of contact. Its relationships and vetting processes with top regional and national providers impart convenience and profitability to all dealership customers in the areas of Finance, Fixed Operations and Sales & Accounting.

Since 1995, FLADCO has improved auto dealerships’ profitability by delivering:

  • A single resource for virtually all dealership needs
  • A proven and rigorous vendor vetting and certifications process
  • Dealer advocacy to ensure top-tier service and quick resolution of any issues
  • Customized processes to generate additional revenue


Media Contact:
Craig Mackson 
888-235-2326 Ext 7


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